Hello! I'm Dipesh!

I'm a firm believer that photography is not just about capturing a moment, but also the memories and emotions that come with it. Being in front of a camera is a daunting task, so I believe in creating a comfortable and relaxed environment to get the most natural you!

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Photo-journalistic & Timeless Photography

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

I'm Dipesh! I'm the face behind Puja Studio. I started this company back in High School with my dad. When I was younger, we were always going to events and instead of running around causing havoc, he handed me a camera and said "go take pictures of things, don't worry about what they look like." We were basically that uncle who was taking pictures next to the professional photographer. In High School, he didn't want me to have a job and only focus on studying, I wanted to money to go eat Taco Bell or see a movie with friends without asking so I suggested we start this and the rest is history!

My beautiful fiance and soon to be wife, Ariha, will be joining behind the scenes and is learning the buttons and techniques behind the camera! We've been together since 2018 and are tying the knot in 2024! She uses iPhone, I use Android so just goes to show you opposites certainly attract. Catch me editing your images with a plethora of shows and movies going on in the background, but usually Parks & Rec, The Office, and often a Harry Potter Marathon.

I like capturing your moments as they unfold and want to be a fly on the wall as much as possible. I'm constantly learning new things to implement and make your images as creative as possible.

All You Have Are The Memories

In 1998, a house fire lead to a loss of 99% of our photographs and memories. Investing in your memories is crucial. Once it's all said and done, we just have what's captured. With each click, memories become timeless treasures, preserving cherished moments for generations to come. Invest in the art of storytelling through photography, where every frame holds the essence of a lifetime.

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