Puja Studio is a family-run, father-son business servicing the Chicagoland Area. What started as a father teaching his son about film and video cameras, transcended into a hobby and passion. Now run solely by Dipesh, the quality of


At Puja Studio, each client is treated as if they are part of our family. I don’t mean a business-only family, I mean a call-if-you-need-anything type of family. Your happiness inside and out of your special day is most important to us. We want to be able to capture the emotions, beauty, and all the memories, so you can feel the rush of nostalgia and joy when you sit back and remember the day a few months, years, or even decades later.

Dipesh Mehta

Lead Photographer

Growing up, I absolutely hated being in front of the camera. You would see me run away or hide behind my parents to avoid being in a picture. I found the best way to avoid being in the picture was being the one to take it! To this day this mostly holds true, and if it’s taught me anything, it’s how to make you feel comfortable in front of a camera. It gives me a unique advantage to know exactly the discomfort and vulnerability that can be felt during a photoshoot. It can feel awkward and weird to have pictures taken of you, and I do my best to provide a relaxing environment, as well as provide tips and tricks where you can look and feel natural in any setting.


So who am I? I'm a night owl, ice cream fanatic, Cubs fan, who currently is binge watching yet another Netflix series. I love DIY projects and am currently planning on a bathroom renovation and deck transformation in the Spring. You can catch me listening to an eclectic array of music while editing and doing work. I've been a hobbyist photographer since 4th grade and took it to a professional level during high school and post college (Go ILLINI!). I strive to make your day and session as laid back and memorable as possible so if you like corny jokes and Taco Bell, I'm sure we will get along just fine!