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  • What is your turnaround time?
    For smaller events, you can expect to have your full album in 3-4 weeks. For a traditional wedding, the delivery time takes anywhere from 12-20 weeks depending on the backlog of events. All of that would be communicated to you!
  • Will all my photos be edited?
    Yes! Each photo you receive is edited for basic editing which means proper exposure and color style that I've created for my portfolio. Photoshop will be used for certain show stopper images to take out distractions, create pop, and clear up any skin for certain portrait conditions. I do not believe in body enhancement editing as that is not your authentic self and I believe everyone is beautiful in their own skin.
  • What is your rate?
    Rates are dynamic depending on event, demand, and based on the experience I bring from all of my previous work. Rates rise with the market and generally increase each year. On average, wedding clients can expect pricing to start at $6,000 for a full South Asian Wedding. If you are looking to book for a year after, you would be locked in at the rate you sign at so it's always encouraged to sign sooner rather than later!
  • Where are you based out of?
    My home base is in Chicago! However, I have established roots in Seattle and Atlanta but that does not limit me from traveling the world for your wedding!
  • Do you also do video package?
    At the moment, we are only a photography studio. We work with numerous talented videographers who are listed under the Vendor Tab of the Wedding Section along with links to their website.
  • Can you replicate other styles of work I've seen on the web?
    No, every studio has their own style and artistic eye. I am constantly refining aspects of my style but I have crafted my style to stand the test of time with it's timeless look and feel. I focus on capturing your event as it unfolds naturally. Your portraits are where we can be experimental with posing but overall, your images will be edited in the style showcased throughout my portfolio.
  • Our wedding has some events where both bride and groom have overlapping events, how do you manage that?
    For overlapping events, my second photographer or associate would be covering your event. The photographers that would cover your event are trained to capture the way I would and would be there to capture your event while I edit all images they deliver. The associates and second photographers are trusted, trained, and talented individuals and not someone who just picked up a camera a few days before your event.
  • Other Photographers are cheaper than you, will you match price?
    If you're looking for the cheapest option then I would say we would not be a good fit. My prices are set at a rate that reflects my experience, business costs, and time to provide you with quality images. I may not be the cheapest, but I take great pride in making sure I provide the best quality work.
  • Can you hold my date?
    I provide a 14 day courtesy hold on your date as long as their haven't been other inquiries prior to your inquiry. If someone does approach about the date during the hold, I will let you know before it becomes a first come first serve with deposit and contract signing.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    I am a Sony Alpha Camera user. It's not the equipment you use, but the photographer that makes your pictures but having trust worthy and reliable equipment is definitely a must! I currently own 3 Sony Alpha camera and a multitude of lenses and lighting equipment.
  • Do you give RAW files?
    I do not typically provide RAW files to clients. RAW files require specialized software and expertise to process and edit, and are not suitable for direct use. However, I do provide high-quality edited JPEG images that are ready for immediate use. If you have a specific need for RAW files, please let me know and we can discuss your requirements. Additional fees may apply for providing RAW files.
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